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Wyoming Judiciary Committee re-working child custody laws

April 24, 2017

Currently, there are two forms of custody:
1. Shared Custody: Where each parent gets 50 percent of time with their kids
2. Standard Custody: Which means one parent has 70-percent of custody and the other with 30-percent.


Right now, Wyoming's law does not favor shared custody.


Legislators are attempting to form a new bill, sharing the un-fairness, but still needs to be looked at more closely, as standard custody tends to promote weekend parenting.


Jared Olsen, committee member shared, “I think Wyoming has reached a point where we're operating on an archaic system, an archaic system of a single parent home after a divorce and it maybe doesn't make a whole lot of sense to a lot of people in Wyoming."


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Casper business first to join Wyoming Invests Now

April 11, 2018

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