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I am a 4th generation Wyomingite committed to preserving our western way of life.  Above everything I do, I am first a devoted husband and father. I have two beautify children and a third on the way.  I am also a small business owner, operating a business in downtown Cheyenne that is dedicated to helping Wyoming families.  My children attend public school in House District 11. The future of House District 11 is my future - it's our future!



I believe we must work diligently to allow for greater diversification of Wyoming's economy.  This doesn't mean government should pick the winners and losers in order to accomplish the goal of diversification.  Rather, it means creating a favorable climate for new and divers businesses to form and grow.  Often this requires eliminating unnecessary or restrictive government regulations prohibiting growth.  It also means maintaining a favorable tax climate (0% capital gains and 0% income tax for example).  We just have to get out of the way and let the entrepreneurs do what they do best.

In the 2017 Budget Session, I was one of the primary advocates and sponsors of Wyoming's Blockchain legislation.  The successful passage of this legislation marks a defining moment in Wyoming history.  This legislation immediately shot Wyoming to the number one position as the most Blockchain friendly community in the world.  This is also a major step forward in truly diversifying Wyoming's economy as we supplement our industries with technology based companies. To that end, I sponsored a budget amendment creating and establishing a Blockchain Task Force, which I am a member of.  The purpose of the task force is to continue to move this opportunity for more growth in Wyoming forward. 


During the 2017 Budget Session I also wrote and sponsored HB126, an act allowing for Series Limited Liability Companies in Wyoming.  Allowing for the organization of this unique business entity in Wyoming puts the Cowboy State once again on the map as the king of LLCs.  Wyoming will once again become the go-to state for creating new and innovative LLCs.


Another major step forward for diversification is the Wyoming Invests Now Exemption Amendments (HB144). This bill put Wyoming on the forefront of the amount a venture can raise via private crowdfunding and by doing so incentivizes companies to utilize crowdfunding as a path to raise money in an impactful way. These amendments promote greater business activity, while limiting government intervention. These changes strike the right balance between protecting Wyoming residents in the risks of early stage investing while providing them a wonderful opportunity to realize a meaningful return down the road.   



Let me be very clear, I will lead the fight here in Wyoming to defend our energy and mineral industries.  Diversification doesn't have to mean we abandon our mineral industry.  We must continue the fight to improve our status as a leading energy state.  We should work to develop and harness all forms of energy, including wind, solar, geothermal, and nuclear. We can do this by supporting incentives for new industries, being mindful of taxation in these industries, and by propping up all of our current extractive industries.  Diversification will give Wyoming a robust and viable economy.



In order to get Wyoming’s economy back on track and growing again, we must get our people back to work.  We need to encourage and incentivize new and diverse businesses to come to Wyoming. 
The Legislature must rein in government spending where appropriate, reward agencies who underspend and exercise thrift in their budgets, and keep taxes low.  In Wyoming we know how mindful we have to be when addressing government jobs.  Our families, neighbors, and friends are employed by state agencies all across Wyoming. Our government here in Wyoming comprises nearly twenty percent (20%) of our state's economic output.  In addressing our budget issues, we must rein in spending and make tough cuts.  The task of reducing government to is responsible size is never a task complete.  But we cannot do so to the detriment of the hundreds of families employed all around this great state.  The balancing act takes prudence, deliberation, and caution.



Funding our children's education (K-12) is the most important issue we face in 2018.  When we talk about funding our public schools in Wyoming, what we are really talking about is investing in our future.  Our state faces a crippling deficit in education funding (nearly $400 million a year).  We must find long-term solutions to this deficit, which will involve getting everyone to the table, from parents and teachers to administrators and lawmakers.  We have to all come together and develop solutions that do not compromise our children's future.  I don't pretend to have all the solutions.  My commitment to you is that I will engage the various stakeholders as we search for solutions.  Together we can overcome Wyoming's current struggle!


We must also continue to keep education localized and decentralize education where we have failed to keep our local school districts in control.  To stay competitive with the rest of the nation, Wyoming should encourage and foster school choice.  Every child in Wyoming should have an equal opportunity to get a great education.  No parent should be forced to send their child to a failing school.  



Agriculture is Wyoming's 3rd largest industry.  Farmers and ranchers here in Wyoming are a major tenant to the backbone of our economy.  They also represent generations of rooted families in our communities. We must be mindful to invest in our agricultural future, especially when striving for greater diversification in our economy.  It's also true that the land they steward provides our state with breathtaking views and family friendly recreation year-round.  I will fight for our private property rights as well as our blessed public lands.

The Sanctity of life & families


Life is our most basic and fundamental right.  Life is given to us by God, not governments, and without it all other rights are meaningless.  I will defend the sanctity of every innocent human life, especially the unborn. 
Families are the most basic unit of American society.  When families breakdown, individuals, communities and society in general suffer.  Without strong families, the role of government expands as it attempts to take the place of the family unit.  By promoting a culture of strong and healthy families, we will solve many of our social issues.   



I'm honored to receive an A rating and the endorsement of the NRA. Our right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right enshrined in the U.S. and Wyoming Constitutions. Here in Wyoming, it is also a way of life for gun owners, hunters, sportsmen, and everyday citizens. I am proud to be a Life Member of the NRA and an avid sportsman. I want a Wyoming where I am free to teach my children the way of life their family has known for generations. As your Representative, I promise to fight to preserve our heritage and Constitutional rights.



Here in Wyoming we are blessed to call so many of our nation’s veterans our family and friends.  In exchange for their sacrifices, they deserve to see the care we promised and owe them.  I will work with the Veterans Administration at the state level to build coalitions that are dedicated to providing more than adequate care for Wyoming’s veterans.