Jared Olsen Wyoming House of Representative District 11
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I'm a 4th  generation Wyomingite committed to preserving our western way of life.  Above everything I do, I'm a devoted husband and father. I have three beautiful children.  I'm also a small business owner and an attorney, operating in downtown Cheyenne. Currently I serve on the Joint Appropriations Committee and I'm the Chairman of the Select Committee on Blockchain, Financial Technology, and Digital Innovation Technology.

Wyoming's best days are ahead of us.  But, we face real challenges given the decline in world oil markets and the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Wyoming's economy is hurting and so are her people. We are going to need experienced and knowledgeable leaders.  My Legislative record is proof I will continue to lead Wyoming and her people through these difficult times.

Jared Olsen Wyoming House of Representative District 11



Coal fired power plants are closing all over America. World oil markets are in sharp decline. The COVID-19 Pandemic forced business closures across the state. Countless Wyomingites lost their jobs.  Rebuilding Wyoming's economy is going to take work.  As a small business owner, I know the impacts firsthand.  As a Legislator, I have been involved from day one, through direct contact with the Governor, Executive Agencies, other Legislators, local businesses, our people, and even as a participant in the 2020 Special Legislative Session. My leadership skills are tested and proven.  Now is the time for tested and proven experience to lead us through rebuilding. Wyoming's tomorrow means a modern economy with a modernized workforce. My service on the Blockchain Task Force and as Chairman of the Select Committee on Blockchain, Financial Technology, and Digital Innovation Technology is helping to shape the way for that new economy.  I hope you will join me in continuing to dream big for Wyoming's future.     ​

Blockchain as an Economic Growth Driver in Wyoming


Energy and Mineral Industries in Wyoming


Wyoming's economy and the funding model for our schools is built upon three legs - coal, oil, and natural gas.  The world is changing around us and market demands for coal and oil are never going to be the same. We must adapt to these changes if Wyoming is going to thrive.  We must also continue the fight to improve our status as the leading energy state.  We should work to further develop the exaction of coal and oil, while harnessing all forms of energy, including wind and solar. We can do this by supporting incentives for new industries, keeping coal markets open, and being mindful of taxation in these industries.  Diversification in our energy sector will give Wyoming a robust and viable economy.



Wyoming’s tomorrow requires a 21st century economy and modern workforce.  Since joining the Legislature in 2016, I have been deeply committed to making sure Wyoming's State Budget fits the budget of her people's pocketbook.  In 2018, I was appointed to the Joint Appropriations Committee.  As a member of the JAC, I helped shape the 2019 Supplemental Budget which was the most conservative budget Wyoming has seen in many years.  During the 2020 Budget Session, as a member of JAC I helped craft the 2021-2022 Biannual Budget.  



Joint Appropriations Committee in Wyoming



Jared Olsen Wyoming House of Representative District 11 at school

Funding our children's education (K-12) is the most important issue we faced when I entered the Wyoming House in 2016, and it is no different today.  Wyoming continues to face a growing deficit in our state's K-12 education.  I have served the last two years on the Joint Appropriations Committee where we have dealt specifically with re-calibration and the funding model.  I have voted for necessary reductions in education and I have also voted in support of external cost adjustments to the funding model - twice.  We cannot leave our children behind and we cannot cut education to the determinant of our teachers and neighbors who work in education.  Long term solutions require Wyoming to continue to make reductions where we can.  But we must also look for revenue solutions to subsidize the loss of coal, oil, and gas revenues that once funded our education systems. 



Agriculture is Wyoming's 3rd largest industry.  As Wyoming looks to tomorrow and modernizes its economy, it must elevate our agricultural heritage.  I serve as local counsel to the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, protecting, defending, and broadening the rights and viability of independent farmers, artisan food producers, and their consumers.


Farmers and ranchers here in Wyoming are a major tenant to the backbone of our economy.  They also represent generations of rooted families in our communities. We must be mindful to invest in our agricultural future, especially when striving for greater diversification in our economy.  It's also true that the land they steward provides our state with breathtaking views and family friendly recreation year-round.  

Agriculture and Public Lands in Wyoming
Sanctity of Life

The Sanctity of life


Life is our most basic and fundamental right.  Life is given to us by God, not governments, and without it all other rights are meaningless.  I have a proven and undeniable voting record defending the sanctity of human life, especially the unborn.   



I'm honored to have received an A rating and the endorsement of the NRA for 2016 and 2018. Our right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right enshrined in the U.S. and Wyoming Constitutions. Here in Wyoming, it is also a way of life for gun owners, hunters, sportsmen, and everyday citizens. I am proud to be an avid sportsman. I want a Wyoming where I am free to teach my children the way of life their family has known for generations.  As your Representative, I have a clear voting record and history of co-sponsoring legislation fighting to preserve our heritage and Constitutional rights.

NRA Endorsed Jared Olsen
Veterans and Military



Here in Wyoming we are blessed to call so many of our nation’s veterans our family and friends.  In exchange for their sacrifices, they deserve to see the care we promised and owe them.  Over the last four years I have worked diligently with the Wyoming Military Department, USAF at Warren Base, and local communities to ensure we are doing or best for our Veterans and Military.  In 2019 I fought hard to secure State funding to develop land south of F.E. Warren Air Force Base to provide additional housing for airmen - and we won!



Four years ago I started down the path of advocating for criminal justice reform.  Our prisons are overcrowded with nonviolent offenders. CJR makes both fiscal and social sense.  As a member of the Judiciary Committee I helped push forward a "quick dip" program in Wyoming which is an expedited process to sanction those who violate probation and parole with up to 3 days in county jail where they receive quick treatment, as opposed to automatically sentencing our people to overcrowded prisons in Rawlins and Torrington.  As a member of the Joint Appropriations Committee, in 2020 I authored an amendment that restored critical funding to this project to the tune of $3.5 million.  In 2020, I also authored an amendment to the Budget that cut $4 million from the Department of Correction Budget which was being used to fund the housing of prisoners in a poorly ran private for-profit prison in Mississippi. Those prisoners are now on their way back to Wyoming/Colorado. In 2019 I introduced a bill to repeal the death penalty, which had bi-partisan support. HB45 nearly passed, falling short only in the Senate by 4 votes. We made history with a repeal bill making it further than ever before in Wyoming.  I continue my efforts for repeal today as I feel the death penalty is immoral, ineffective, poorly administered, and far to costly to the tax payers.  

Criminal Justice Reform



Technology and Digital Innovation

When it comes to diversification of Wyoming's economy, I don't just issue political talking points, I walk the walk.  Blockchain and technology are a major aspect of Wyoming's newly diversified economy that is being shaped daily.  In 2020 I was appointed as the House Chairman of the Select Committee on Blockchain, Financial Technology, and Digital Innovation Technology. This Select Committee takes the place of the Wyoming Blockchain Task Force that was established in 2017. From 2017-2020 I served on the Blockchain Task Force. In its three years of operation, the Wyoming Blockchain Task Force was the driving force behind the enactment of 20 new laws, including pioneering the creation of a new asset class for utility tokens, adopting strong individual property rights for digital assets, developing a novel Special Purpose Depository Institution (SPDI) state bank charter that provides for digital asset custodianship, implementing a complete legal framework for digital asset custody and providing for the protection of digital speech.  The new Select Committee aims to build upon the work of the task force, with a current focus on digital identity, digital property rights, and emerging financial technologies.